Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mosha the World at your feet

This is my mini version of 'Mosha The World at your feet'. The Elephant Parades sell beautiful hand painted minitaures in different sizes. These will be painted by artists in Thailand and they need the miniture copy done by the big elephant artists, to be a master copy.
It was strange swapping to tiny brushes to do this 20cm high version and then going back to 'jumbo' brushes!..ha...sorry!


  1. Looks good, Jane.

    Having finally delivered a couple (of the three) Gorilla designs I came up with for consideration to Bristol Zoo, I'm now worrying how I'm going to paint one IF either were to be chosen!!! Would be looking to you for advice!

    Still got a miniature Bath pig that was a present a couple of years ago to personalise!!!

  2. I submitted a design for the gorillas too, and have mixed feelings about the work involved if it gets chosen.

  3. Good luck for Gorillas, it sounds like it's been very popular so will keep my fingers crossed for us all! Don't worry about the work...famous last words! It's okay to simplify the design a bit and you can't really tell how it's all going to fit until you get the sculpture anyway.