Friday, May 13, 2011

Gorilla for Bristol

I only learnt a few days ago that my design for a Gorilla in the Wild in Art 'Wow Gorilla's' project organised by Bristol Zoo has been sponsored by Bristol Blue Glass. Terrific News!

My design echoes Bristol's sea port origins. He's called 'Blackbeard Silverback' being loosely based on the pirate 'Blackbeard' Edward Teach who was thought to have come from Bristol and was renowned for looking fearsome, with his long beard tied in bands and lighted tapers burning in his hair! The 'silverback' is covered in silver coins ...which used to be produced by the Bristol mint. The blue black hair and water in characteristic Bristol blue glass colour is teaming with sea monsters!

I'll be very busy over the next few weeks as my elephant for Singapore only arrived earlier this week too!

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