Monday, September 12, 2011

Blackbeard Silverback to follow in Roselephant's footsteps

Today I gave 'Blackbeard Silverback' a wash and brush up before he follows in Roselephant's footsteps to visit London. He'll be going with some of his friends to spend the week near Tower Bridge and City Hall on the Southbank from 16th- 22nd Sept.

All 61 gorillas will then be displayed at Bristol Zoo from 24th-28th Sept before they are auctioned on 29th Sept.

Money raised at the auction will go to support vital gorilla conservation work and local charity 'Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal'.
If you missed David Attenborough's fantastic programme 'Gorillas Revisted a few days ago, catch it on iplayer ....


  1. Darn it!!! I am having knee surgery on Thursday, otherwise I just might have jumped a plane to London and go "gorilla hunting" with my camera.... **SIGH** By the way, saw your Copenhagen elephant again, when they were all gathered before the auction.

  2. Ah shame...! how about a trip to Singapore in November for their Elephant Parade?
    I would have loved to come and see the Copenhagen Parade.

    Hope the knee surgery goes well.

  3. I really hope that at the time the Elephants are in Singapore, that my job needs me to go out there - travelling usually means a couple of days on my own, and camera is always with me