Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Love Song' for the Singapore Elephant Parade, work in progress.

My latest elephant 'Love Song' had to share the studio with my gorilla 'Blackbeard Silverback' for a couple of weeks in the summer, who has now happily found a wonderful new home after the 'Wow Gorillas' Auction recently which raised a massive total of £427,000. A huge thank you to the lovely family who so generously donated £10,000 to buy him, which goes to support two charities, Gorilla conservation and 'Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal'.

The Singapore Elephant Parade goes out in public in a couple of weeks. Here are some photos of the work in progress. I chose to use mainly Asian birds in the design to highlight the need to conserve the Asian habitat to help save Asian Elephants, but couldn't resist including a few of the tropical African birds they also have at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore...like the Lovebirds who inspired the name of my elephant!


  1. Ohhh wish I could go to Singapore and see their elephant parade.... have already told some of our colleagues and suppliers out there to check out the elephants when they are decorating city

  2. Ahhh, me too!!
    Hope there will be lots of pics posted up on facebook and flickr.