Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Love Song' for the Singapore Elephant Parade, work in progress.

My latest elephant 'Love Song' had to share the studio with my gorilla 'Blackbeard Silverback' for a couple of weeks in the summer, who has now happily found a wonderful new home after the 'Wow Gorillas' Auction recently which raised a massive total of £427,000. A huge thank you to the lovely family who so generously donated £10,000 to buy him, which goes to support two charities, Gorilla conservation and 'Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal'.

The Singapore Elephant Parade goes out in public in a couple of weeks. Here are some photos of the work in progress. I chose to use mainly Asian birds in the design to highlight the need to conserve the Asian habitat to help save Asian Elephants, but couldn't resist including a few of the tropical African birds they also have at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore...like the Lovebirds who inspired the name of my elephant!