Friday, August 17, 2012

Flying Elephant!

The little version of Midnight Rose has flown off to Thailand where the talented local artists hand paint the beautiful replica's. I hope she has a safe journey!

I'm now starting work on the big one, the design is inspired by Guy Bellamy's colourful garden. It incorporates a stylised version of the Elephant's footprint logo of his company 'Elephant Communications', as looped daisies against a pink moon.

Progress pics will appear soon!


  1. Think you're quite good at these animals, Jane. Was going to say 'getting' good, but they've all been amazing.

    Hope Midnight Rose arrives safely.

    1. Thanks Frances,

      Funny the directions you find yourself going off in as an artist sometimes. Midnight Rose is number 12. Lucky they don't all have to live with me, any more than 2 in the studio and I wouldn't be able to get in myself!