Friday, August 24, 2012

Stroll Discovery Trails

I was very pleased earlier this year to be asked to create and paint designs on 'life size' sculptures of the Olympic mascot.
These Wenlocks were created for Stroll Discovery Trails, an event produced by Wild in Art for the Mayor of London's 'A Summer Like No Other' festival. The Stroll Discovery Trails event features over 80 sculptures of Wenlock, the official Olympic mascot and Mandeville, the official Paralympic mascot - on display around London during the summer, until the end of the Paralympic Games.
Details of the trails and sculptures are available at
My first design was 'Plane Trees Wenlock' and it is on the Purple Trail situated in Berkeley Square Gardens Mayfair, very appropriately amongst the beautiful London Plane Trees.

The other design was 'Westminster Abbey Wenlock' and is situated on the Red Trail in Victoria Tower Gardens Westminster.


The mascot sculptures are all being auctioned for the Mayor’s Fund for London which was set up in 2009 to help improve the life chances and aspirations of disadvantaged children, young people and their families in London. The money will help fund the most effective child poverty projects in London.
I'm delighted that  Plane Trees Wenlock and Westminster Abbey Wenlock have already been auctioned and together raised nearly £18,000 for the Mayor's Fund for London.


  1. Gosh, Jane. They are amazing, despite the slightly weird base you had to paint on. Westminster Abbey is especially impressive especially considering the curvy surface.


    1. Thanks Frances,

      it was certainly a challenge!
      I went to see them when I was in London a couple of weeks ago and it was incredibly busy in Victoria Tower Gardens where Westminster Abbey Wenlock is,it was lovely to see so many visitors enjoying the trail and having their photos taken next to the mascots.