Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Elephant Parade Tour Preview

Being an artist is usually a solitary pursuit, but with the chance to meet some fellow artists, and see the public enjoying our work, I put down my brushes yesterday to go along to the Elephant Parade Tour preview at Kings Cross Station in London. The Intu Elephant Parade Tour will be launched at IntuWatford shopping centre on Monday 22nd July, but this was a chance for everyone to get a sneak preview of 13 of the herd.

It was lovely to see the elephants catching the eye of travellers passing through Kings Cross on a busy Tuesday. My elephant 'The Butterfly Effect' was waiting patiently by platform 9, with her 'trunk' all packed waiting for the Watford express!

The elephant tour will visit 14 Intu venues over a period of 375 days, with a herd of 100 new elephants in total. Each venue will host a family of elephants from the herd, which will include some designed and painted by local young people who have won school competitions to make their designs become a reality. All school designs will be on view digitally on a big screen in the venues.
True to being billed 'the people's parade' anyone wanting the chance to see their own design displayed digitally on the tour, can participate via the Elephant tour website.
Two young people taking the chance for a photo opportunity
 before 'The Butterfly Effect' catches the train!
The UK Elephant Parade Tour aims to raises funds for The Asian Elephant Foundation, an international conservation charity whose aim is to raise greater global awareness of Asian elephant conservation and to support projects and organisations that are dedicated to improving the well-being and conservation of the Asian elephant.
The Elephant Parade concept has made it possible to generate funds for projects varying from elephant hospitals and restoration of vital corridors of land to lobbying governments and research. To date, many Asian elephants have been saved and cured, but there are still thousands more that need our support. Please visit The Asian Elephant Foundation website for more information on the work being done for Asian elephants.
Elephants attracting attention at the Kings Cross station preview.


  1. Great picture of them all at Kings Cross.

    1. And the one with the 'trunk'!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Frances,

    pity people don't travel with real trunks much these days!
    The plinths proved a bit of a temptation for weary travellers looking for somewhere to rest their legs!

  3. I agree with Frances - such a great pic of them all lined up at the station!
    And 'The Butterfly Effect' looks great!!

    1. Thanks Mary,

      the big group of ele's did cause quite a stir, and lots of great photos about with cute children wide eyed! The 4 sitting ele's had to be placed separately away from the herd for H&S!! because the plinths are bigger, so that was a bit of a shame cos they missed the crowds a bit, but I'm sure they'll get their time in the spotlight too!