Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Go Herdwick

I'm really thrilled to be part of the Go Herdwick public art project which will see beautiful Herdwick Sheep sculptures by Alan Dun, individually decorated by artists and designers, creating a trail in Cumbria from Easter to the autumn in 2016.
Organised by the Lake District Calvert Trust who deliver challenging outdoor adventure holidays for people with disabilities, to celebrate their 40th Anniversry and with support from community interest public art consultants Art at the Edge, the trail will aim to raise funds for it's wonderful work, by auctioning the sculptures in the autumn 2016.

Go Herdwick will be launched by the popular 'Herdy Shepherd' James Rebanks, at their Charity ball at Low Wood Bay Hotel, Windermere on Sept 11th . If you would like to sponsor a ewe please contact the Trust on  017687 72255.

My design 'Star Grazer' ( aka Betty!) is inspired by a beautiful Cumbrian meadow and it highlights the importance of sheep in helping to re-seed meadows by trampling the seeds into the earth. It features some of the plant and insect life of a typical Cumbrian meadow.

My ewe arrived at the weekend and here is an early work in progress picture!

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