Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mosha the world at your feet says Hi to Copenhagen

The Elephant Parade Copenhagen hit the streets on June 1st.
100 stunning elephant designs can be seen all over the city until 25th August.

'Mosha the World at your feet', kindly sponsored by Copenhagen Zoo is situated at Nyhavn. She says Hi to Copenhagen!

She will be auctioned on 8th September and miniature versions are for sale on the Elephant Parade website and in Gallery Stores in Copenhagen, to support the Elephant Family charity which works to save the endangered Asian Elephant.


  1. The animation looks really good, Jane, as does Mosha.

    I'll check out the elephant parade when I'm less preoccupied with gorillas.

    I've got a couple of pix of my gorilla sculpture Bert's bottom (again) which look good alternated, which I'll try to animate.

  2. Jane, thank you for the comment on my blog. But even greater thanks that you took the time to participate in the Elephant Parade, bringing so many nice pieces of art to our little city.Will go down to the parade shop and buy me a mini elephant or two :o)

  3. Btw took a few pics of your elephant in Nyhavn, would be happy to email them to you (you can keep them or use them if you want to) as a small thank you....let me know, my email is on my blogprofile